10 Actresses represent beauty chosen by plastic surgeonsㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

Kim Tae Hee: The word ‘V-line’, refers to a small, stylish face that became famous for Kim Tae Hee.

She has a slender face, clean skin, as well as a protruding forehead, natural double eyelid eyes and lips that show a harmonious beauty.

Han Ji Min: A beautiful woman impresses with an oval face.

Han Ji Min also has a golden ratio and has a perfect 1.3: 1: 1 ratio

Jun Ji Hyun: Natural beauty started popular in the 2000s.

The ratio of the front and curvature of the side is beautiful, and the public feels a lot of beauty in the dynamic appearance of Jun Ji Hyun.

Kim Hee Sun: The combination of face, eyes, nose and mouth is the perfect computer beauty and perfect symmetry.

A cosmetic surgeon praised her as a beautiful woman who will appear every 100 years.

Han Yeseul: She has a small V-line face, sleek, a large eyeball and a slightly upturned eyes.

Therefore, she has a face that can create a cute, innocent and aggressive atmosphere. These are the conditions of the type of face that the public likes.

Shim Eun Ha: A veteran actress is still voted the representative beauty.

In 1980, Shim Eun Ha began to appear as a new beauty.

The total width of the lower jaw and face becomes narrower overall, and the U-shaped face is preferred for a long face.

Han Gain: Surprisingly ‘Oriental’ face chosen by plastic surgeons.

The nose is high and the overall middle face is low, so it looks Oriental and three-dimensional.

In particular, the seemingly high nose starts from the inner part of the eye’s eyes, unlike Western beauty. In this case, the high nose holds the Oriental beauty.

Song Hye Kyo: Song Hye Kyo‘s symmetrical face is close to perfection.

The ratio of the top, middle and bottom is perfect, and the length of the tip of the nose is nearly perfect.

Lee Young Ae: Selected by many actresses as beautiful women.

It has been said that she is a combination of Western beauty and Oriental beauty.

Suzy: Selected as the only representative beauty in her 20s, and the eyes are the most ideal and beautiful.

Her eyes are close to perfection, eye thickness, eye position, eye fat, natural and attractive.

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1.Everyone is beautiful …

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4. They are legends ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

5. There are a lot of older actresses that are better, so Suzy has a different feeling from that team.

6. Lee Yong Ae is really perfect

7. Kim Tae Hee is really perfect, my goddess

8. Here, I want to add Son Ye Jin.

9. Han Ji Min is really great.

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12. Kim Hee Sun, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Young Ae are great.

13. I don’t think there are new actress really beautiful these days.

14. Why is Han Yeseul here? Are you kidding me? Cosmetic Surgeons.

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