2 male celebrities whose noses are especially beautiful


Im Siwan

original post: theqoo

1. V’s nose is so perfect!

2. V’s nose is high and the size fits his face.

3. V’s nose is big… His nose is as big as Bang Shi Hyuk’s

4. V’s nose is pretty, his T-zone is the most unrealistic and picturesque I’ve ever seen. Im Siwan’s nose is beautiful and high.

5. Kang Dong Won

6. V’s nose is just pretty good

7. V’s nose is very high. His nose is like a westerner’s

8. I watched a video of a plastic surgeon and said V’s nose is a pretty nose with a mix of male and female beauty.

9. I think Park Bo Gum’s nose is great!

10. J-Hope?

11. There’s a lot to say about Im Siwan’s eyes and lips but I think his nose looks fineㅋㅋㅋ

12. The noses of both are beautiful… I personally think of Park Ji Hoonㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. V’s nose is big, not pretty

14. J-Hope’s nose is pretty too

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