MAMA, IZ*ONE and X1 might be absent from the event … It’s hard to find singers to replace the two groups

'2019 MAMA' doesn't guarantee X1 and IZ*ONE's appearance

According to a K-POP official, “CJ ENM has yet to make a decision whether IZ*ONE and X1 will attend this year’s event. X1 and IZ*ONE members as well as broadcasting companies have differing opinions on whether to attend the event. It seems highly likely that X1 and IZ*ONE will be absent.” He added, “MAMA 2019’s internal atmosphere is the worst ever”

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1. [+424, -27] If Ahn Joon Young, CJ and Mnet are all at wrong here, they should at least cancel MAMAㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why allow them to still profit from turning X1 and IZ*ONE into their scapegoat?

2. [+291, -54] What did X1 and IZ*ONE do wrong? Shouldn’t they at least receive the awards that are attributed to them based on their results? CJ and Mnet are the ones at fault here, so why do they always blame the groups? Why are journalists letting Ahn Joon Young go and shifting the whole focus on those 23 people?

3. [+181, -13] We hope that the two groups receive a sincere apology from the production team for all the injustices they underwent because of that program and that they can resolve the issue soon.

4. [+197, -36] Why can’t the kids come out if they’re not guilty? What logic?

5. [+137, -39] The one at fault is Ahn Joon Young, why are you blaming IZ*ONE…ㅠㅜ

6. [+66, -4] Why can’t IZ*ONE and X1 come out?? Is this what is happening?

7. [+57, -3] CJ did wrong, they should at least cancel MAMA. Why do they hurt the kids?

8. [+57, -8] CJ did wrong, I don’t understand why we’re just trying to figure out whether or not X1 and IZ*ONE come out. I want you to guarantee the normal activities of the groups.

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