2020 financial report of Pledis (Seventeen, NU’EST) and Source Music (GFriend)

Pledis Entertainment made sales of 69 billion KRW (61.25 million USD) with a net profit of 11 billion KRW (9.76 million USD) in 2020

Source Music made sales of 8 billion KRW (7.1 million USD) with a net loss of 2.3 billion KRW (2 million USD) in 2020

Currently, Pledis Entertainment has a debt of 29 billion KRW (25.7 million USD). On the other hand, Source Music has a debt of 12.9 billion KRW (11.45 million USD). Source Music also received a loan of 7.5 billion KRW (6.65 million USD) from Big Hit. cr

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1. Big Hit, please lend me 7 million won ㅜㅜ

2. If Big Hit wants to debut a girl group, why don’t they create a new label? Why did they take over Source Music?

3. Pledis did well. They made a lot of money even during the coronavirus period

4. The reason Big Hit acquired Source Music is due to the relationship + plans for the next girl group? Min Heejin’s girl group should be good enough to make up for that loss

5. Min Heejin’s girl group will somehow be a big hit, if that doesn’t happen then Source Music will be completely in deficit, and I want GFriend to continue promoting with their own colors…

6. Source Music deficit was due to Big Hit acquiring Source Music and they changed GFriend’s music color and concept..

7. If it’s a Min Heejin girl group, isn’t it worth debuting under Big Hit? Why did Big Hit acquire Source Music and debut a new girl group under Source Music? If it was a Big Hit girl group, I think I would care and support them more

8. Well, there’s a lot of Bang Shi Hyuk here

9. Seventeen is doing well

10. I like GFriend’s old songs even though I’m not a fan, but I don’t really listen to their new songs these days

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