2020 K-Pop idols overseas individual solo song rankings (TOP 10 Spotify)

1. BTS Jimin ‘Filter’ [Streams: 115.27 million]

2. IU ‘eight’ [Streams: 106.65 million]

3. BTS Jungkook ‘My time’ [Streams: 93.95 million]

4. BTS V ‘Sweet night’ [Streams: 93.12 million]

5. Zico ‘Any song’ [Streams: 85 million]

6. Hwasa ‘Maria’ [Streams: 84.34 million]

7. BTS Suga ‘Daechwita’ [Streams: 74.24 million]

8. BTS V ‘Inner child’ [Streams: 66.62 million]

9. BTS Jin ‘Moon’ [Streams: 64.65 million]

10. BTS J-Hope ‘Outro : Ego’ [Streams: 52.43 million]

original post: theqoo

1. ‘Sweet night’ is not a song from BTS’s album, but it did well

2. I’m looking forward to Jungkook’s solo song once again this year💜

3. Congratulations to God Jimin’s ‘God Filter’

4. ‘Filter’ and ‘eight’ have over 100 million streams, daebak. Maria is amazing too

5. Jimin’s solo song always seems to be loved

6. Maria did well

7. It’s surprising that ‘Sweet Night’ was on the rankings

8. ‘Moon’ is a masterpiece!!!

9. Hwasa is cool

10. BTS is so popular, and meanwhile, Hwasa and Zico are awesome