3 female idols with the best noses


Momoland Nancy

Lovelyz Jisoo

original post: instiz

1.Why is Irene not on this list …

2. I expected to see WJSN’s Eunseo on this list …

3. Most celebrities these days have beautiful noses, actually…

4. And Nancy … Great!

5. I personally think of Lee Hyori, Girls’ Generation Yuri and TWICE Dahyun

6. Hyeri, Bomi will definitely be there ..

7. I personally think Park Siyeon has the best nose ever…

8. Irene will definitely be there

9. BLACKPINK Jisoo should be here

10. I was thinking about Krystal

11. I clicked on this post thinking about Lee Hyori, Bomi, and TWICE’s Chaeyoung …

12. I was thinking about LOONA’s Heejin