4 idol groups attended MAMA but didn’t receive any awards


Oh My Girl

Stray Kids

The Boyz

original post: theqoo

1. Why did Oh My Girl not receive any awards? They did well this year… I don’t get it…

2. Oh, this is ridiculous, Dolphin is almost the best girl group song this year..

3. That’s why I hate MAMA. Anyway, I love their stages

4. Oh My Girl was the best girl group this year for me, and The Boyz exploded this year as well

5. Well, they were all groups from Kingdom and Queendom

6. Today, I saw Stray Kids for the first time on stage and they did well. I’m very impressed with their stage..

7. So why did they attend MAMA……?

8. Although they didn’t receive any awards, I’m satisfied with their stages. Let’s win the award next year

9. Isn’t Oh My Girl the next best girl group this year after BLACKPINK..? You don’t give them anything…?

10. Personally, I think BLACKPINK and Oh My Girl are the best out of the girl groups this year, but why didn’t Mnet give Oh My Girl any awards… Their songs are good too