4 members of JYP’s new girl group revealed so far

Jinni (born 2004)

Sullyoon (born 2004)

Jiwoo (born 2005)

Kyujin (born 2006)

It’s not confirmed, but JYP’s new girl group is expected to have 7 members…

original post: theqoo

1. I’m curious where JYP found these kids…

2. They are all so pretty. Where did they find these girls?

3. Wow, how did JYP cast these girls…. They’re all pretty..

4. I think this group will have the best visuals, I’m looking forward to it

5. 2005? 2006??? It’s like they were born yesterday

6. Wow look at their faces, they’re all pretty

7. Where in the world did JYP find these pretty girls?

8. Wow, their visuals are amazing

9. They’re all naturally pretty, I hope they debut soon

10. Wow… They’re all pretty… But they’re still so young..