4 singers/groups are expected to be #1 in Gallup’s survey this year

BTS, #1 for 2 consecutive years


Lim Young Woong, who is loved by the middle-aged people


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1. I think it will be BTS or Lim Young Woong

2. It will be Lim Young Woong. The topic of Lim Young Woong is too much

3. BTS

4. Why is BLACKPINK here? Shouldn’t you replace BLACKPINK with TWICE?

5. BLACKPINK? How can they beat BTS?

6. I’m not the only one looking at BLACKPINK, the other three are too strong, but if I choose a girl group, I remember that TWICE ranks higher than BLACKPINK in Gallup surveys

7. Where is TWICE?

8. Because of Lim Young Woong’s popularity among middle-aged people, I think that the percentage of BTS will decrease in their 40s and 50s this time

9. It will be BTS, BTS is popular among all age groups

10. BTS > Lim Young Woong > IU > BLACKPINK

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