4 trainees 100% debut in ‘Produce X 101’

Currently ranked #1 – Kim Woo Seok

Currently ranked #2 – Song Hyeong Jun

Currently ranked #3 – Kim Min Kyu

Currently ranked #5 – Kim Yo Han

original post: theqoo

1.Nam Do Hyon will also debut

2. Hmm ……… Song Hyeong Jun ….

3. Kim Min Kyu … He has no talent.

4. Many people don’t like Song Hyeong Jun. Something wrong???

5. Song Hyeong Jun, Kim Yo Han, Kim Min Kyu debut

6. Kim Woo Seok and Kim Yo Han seem to have a balance of looks

7. I want to see Kim Woo Seok as the center. Visual, skills, bring a sense of center.

8. Why do so many people hate Song Hyeong Jun here?

9. + Nam Do Hyun and Lee Eun Sang, confirm 6 members?

10. Look at Kim Yo Han and Kim Min Kyu, their skills are a bit bad.

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