4 trainees should’ve debuted at SM but left the company

1. Koeun

I thought she would debut as the next girl group member and as the oldest member, but she left the company.

2. Lami

I thought she would debut as the maknae visual of the next girl group, but she left the company.

3. Ji Hansol

He even appeared in the group’s reality show and debut teasers, but he left the company
He’s currently active as a Newkidd member


She’s Korean-English, she was a trainee at SM in a long time, but she’s the first one to leave the company.
Now she’s just a Youtuber doing daily vlogs

original post: theqoo

1. Hull when did Koeun leave SM?

2. I’m also curious about the situation of the other trainees

3. Ji Hansol should’ve debuted in NCTㅠㅠ

4. Honestly, I didn’t know the other kids. But I thought Lami was the future of SM, I was surprised when she left the company

5. Seriously, what a waste

6. I thought Lami would debut in SM. She looks like a princess, she has Sulli’s vibe

7. I think they lack the skills or whatever, so they left the company

8. Lami left SM…? I’m really worried about the next girl group visual

9. I don’t know SM trainees at all, but I know Lami…

10. Lami looks like Nayeon …

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