5 groups that summarize the 20-year history of Korean boy groups






original post: theqoo

1. What about EXO?

2. If it’s 5 groups, this is correct. If you put EXO in, who should you exclude? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS is more successful and popular than EXO in the 3rd generation

3. I hate BIGBANG, but I can’t deny their success

4. I used to wonder if there is a boy group better than BIGBANG, but looking at BTS, I’m looking forward to seeing which group will be a big hit in the future

5. I want EXO to replace BIGBANG

6. Because there are 5 groups, there will be no EXO

7. Why aren’t there Shinhwa and EXO?

8. EXO? I’m not a fan of EXO, but when I was in middle and high school, there were a lot of EXO fans around me..

9. BIGBANG is just a criminal group, EXO is much better

10. Whenever I see this, I want to exclude BIGBANG

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