5 ‘Produce X 101’ trainees definitely debut

1.Kim Yo Han

Potential candidate for this season, He is the most popular

5 'Produce X 101' trainees definitely debut

2. Kim Min Kyu

Popular now, NO.2

5 'Produce X 101' trainees definitely debut

3. Kim Woo Seok

The first round with ‘Love shot’ received positive reviews, Prediction will be debuted

5 'Produce X 101' trainees definitely debut

4. Lee Eun Sang

Kim Woo Seok, Kim Yo Han and Kim Min Kyu are the three most famous people. He ranked 4th in popularity.

5 'Produce X 101' trainees definitely debut

5. Son Dong Pyo

He is the center and he will unconditionally debut

5 'Produce X 101' trainees definitely debut

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1.I don’t know three people here.

2. What is Lee Eun Sang famous for?

3. I really don’t like any of them … I’m sad.

4. And the center will be Kim Yo Han, the stage visual

5. That’s not my choice, but I think it’s fine. I don’t know the first place but it seems they will start from 3rd place.

6. Except for 3, 4 and 5, Song Hyeong Jun and Nam Do Hyon seem to be more likely

7. Lee Eun Sang is very handsome and famous.

8. 5 trainees of your choice + Nam Do Hyon, Song Hyeong Jun, Cha Jun Ho

9. Nam Do Hyon seems more likely to debut than Lee Eun Sang and Son Dong Pyo.

10. 5 is the real burden ..

11. Lee Eun Sang is still a bit dangerous …

12. I don’t know why 1 is so popular …

13. Exclude 1 and 3

14. Honestly, Kim Yoo Han has no talent except his face .. ㅠ ㅠ Center dancing and singing is not enough …

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