iKON, the first public appearance after B.I leaves… Tears in the last stage as 6 members

6 iKON members shed tears in their concert in Japan
6 iKON members shed tears in their concert in Japan

iKON held their concert at Marine Messe Fukuoka, Japan

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1. [+329, -37] It’s a tough situation. 6 members of iKON showed you a professional look!!! Don’t get hurt in the rest of the concert and finish safely!!! I always cheer for you!!! iKON fighting!!!

2. [+256, -27] Honestly, you shouldn’t say anything about crying. How hard could they have been? IKON, just do your best. Thank you for thinking a lot about your fans.

3. [+245, -57] Thank you for forgetting your suffering and performing great. Thank iKONIC with all your support. Let’s go slowly and long.

4. [+199, -15] This article makes my heart stronger. Now I will support iKON even more, just like you guys, who lit up when my life was dark. It’s going to be hard, but let’s cheer up on your tour in Japan. Let’s get through. Even though I can’t go to the concert, I’m cheering from afar. I still like it.

5. [+178, -14] Good job with our iKON. Just cheer up a little bit. I’m so sorry. I love you.

6. [+90, -2] It’s natural that the member who was like a family member is absent and have a hard time. This time, I felt like all the members were performing in a group. I always cheer for you!

7. [+86, -5] Let’s go through the rest of the tour. You had a hard time.

8. [+76, -2] I saw you crying yesterday, so I thought it must have been harder than I thought. I keep cheering for you, so see you soon.

9. [+74, -1] Thank you for your performance, and I hope you are good at managing your mental. I don’t expect how hard it will be for the remaining members of iKON. Please punish those who make malicious comments.

10. [+59, -1] I hope you don’t overdo it and don’t get hurt. You don’t have to pretend to be okay. Thank you for giving me such a great performance despite hard times!

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