6 Korean boy group are sympathized by many people

Seo Taiji and Boys




Big Bang


original post: theqoo

1.Where is EXO?

2. I don’t think it is the choice of generations of boy groups. TVXQ and Big Bang seem to be completely different routes.

3. Between BTS and EXO. Of course BTS will be selected.

4. At first, the title of this post was “Representatives of generations”. So BTS is chosen instead of EXO.

5. Big Bang scandals make me feel they are not suitable. I just want to exclude Big Bang from this list.

6. I’m not a fan of EXO, but I want to have 7 groups to put EXO on this list.

7. Now Big Bang is not worth mentioning here

8. If you put TVXQ and Big Bang on the list, why don’t you put EXO on this list with BTS?

9. I hate Big Bang.

10. Honestly, EXO is not enough to put in this list. If you put EXO on the list, too many groups will be included as SHINee or Shinhwa.

11. If TVXQ is here, why not EXO?

12. I want to eliminate Big Bang. No matter how popular they are, they are just criminals.

13. Do you think you should post photos of TVXQ with 5 members? I think TVXQ is only 2 members.

14. Honestly, if you only choose 6 groups, that’s right.

15. You should put EXO, not the criminal Big Bang ㅋ ㅋㅋ