6 songs competing for TOP 10 of Melon yearly chart this year

Celebrity – IU
Rollin’ – Brave Girls
Dynamite – BTS
Peaches (ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon) – Justin Bieber
Shiny Star – KyoungSeo

6 songs are competing for the remaining 4 places

1. I will be your shining star – Song I Han

2. We Ride – Brave Girls

3. Can’t Sleep – Jang Beom June

4. Hold My Hand – IU

5. Butter – BTS

6. Next Level – Aespa

original post: theqoo

1. Except for Song I Han’s song, those are songs that everyone knows and listens to often

2. So Aespa will at least be ranked 12 this year? They did so well

3. Who is Song I Han?

4. Song I Han… Who is this? I heard KyoungSeo’s songs on the street

5. Isn’t AKMU going to make a comeback later this month? I’m looking forward to AKMU

6. Looking at the chart now, I think ‘Butter’ and ‘Next Level’ will be in the TOP 10

7. IU is a big hit

8. Wow, Dynamite… Wasn’t it the song that was released last summer?

9. Aespa is the only 4th generation group

10. Butter fighting💛💜

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