7 male idols who are good at acting


Park Hyung Sik

Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Yook Sungjae

Ong Seongwu

Im Siwan

Jung Jinyoung

original post: theqoo

1. Jinyoung is good at composing and acting. He is so talented…

2. Junho’s acting is as good as a real actor

3. Kyungsoo is good at acting. I think he was born to be an actor

4. Why is there no Lee Joon and Yoon Doo Joon?

5. We need to consider more about Ong Seongwu’s acting, that’s just the first drama of him

6. In Ong Seongwu’s “18 Moments”, there are many emotions, his acting is very good. Some scenes are very impressive.

7. I like Park Hyung Sik’s actingㅠㅠ He is really good at acting

8. I don’t think Ong Seongwu should be on this list … Not because of his acting ability, but “18 Moments” is his only drama so it’s too early for him to be here.

9. Kyungsoo’s acting is good and natural

10. Everyone is good at acting but I’m most impressed with the acting of Park Hyung Sik, Kyungsoo, and Im Siwan

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