7 TOEIC levels of idols…

Level 1 – ZE:A’s Siwan: TOEIC score of 820

Level 2 – BTS’s RM (as a middle school student): TOEIC score of 850

Level 3 – EXID’s Hani: TOEIC score of 900

Level 4 – BTS’s RM (as an adult): TOEIC score of 915

Level 5 – SF9’s Inseong: TOEIC score of 935

Level 6 – Day6’s Young K: TOEIC score of 970

Level 7 – 2PM’s Taecyeon: TOEIC score of 990 (maximum score)

original post: theqoo

1. Even if you are a Korean, it’s not easy to get the maximum score on the Korean Language Proficiency Testㅋㅋㅋ They are amazing..

2. Kim Namjoon’s 850 as a middle school student is really…

3. But just because you’re from the US doesn’t mean you’re good at TOEIC.. Of course, that is an advantage, but learning is necessary

4. Even if they didn’t become celebrities, they would have lived well

5. Do you think you will get the maximum score on the Korean Language Proficiency Test just because you live in Korea?

6. Young K’s life is like some movie

7. Ok Taecyeon received the maximum score..???? What??? Is he from abroad?

8. Ok Taecyeon.. I thought he was just a muscular man, but he’s smart

9. Seems like everyone is working hard except for me

10. Young K is like a genius

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