99% this is TOP 10 songs on Melon in 2019

#1 Anne-Marie – 2002

#2 Lim Jae Hyun – If there was practice in love

#3 Kassy – The day was beautiful

#4 BTS – Boy With Luv

#5 Paul Kim – Every Day, Every Moment

#6 M.C the MAX – After You’ve Gone

#7 Paul Kim – Me After You

#8 Taeyeon – Four Seasons

#9 Song Ha Ye – Your Regards

#10 JANNABI – For Lovers Who Hesitate

And other singers

#11 MAKTUB – To You My Light

#12 Chungha – Gotta Go


original post: theqoo

1. ‘Four Seasons’ fighting!

2. Bangtan is amazing

3. I only listen to the songs of Taeyeon and Paul Kimㅋㅋ

4. Bangtan and Taeyeon are the best idolsㅋㅋㅋ

5. ITZY is really a rookie monster, the rookie of the year!!!

6. It’s funny that the pop song is in the first place

7. Wow I only know 3 songs

8. I only know three songs. I’ve been indifferent to music this year.

9. I never even heard the title of Kassy’s song

10. I know nothing but Anne-Marie, Bangtan, Paul Kim, Taeyeon, JANNABI. I didn’t listen to M.C the MAX’s song

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