A bit shocked about f(x) Victoria’s current whereabouts

Wang Xiao Chen, “The woman who is the most perfect in my eyes, as she is kind, outstanding, cute, hardworking and beautiful… Thank you for your care and for spending the entire day with me.”

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1. A lot of Chinese female stars do this, so don’t worry about it

2. I mean I couldnt’ kiss my friend no matter how close…

3. Top stars in China often do this to cater to fans

4. I don’t even like Victoria, but it’s weird that some comments say it’s dirty…;

5. I’ve been in girls’ schools all my life and I’ve never seen this

6. Is it their culture or what?

7. A kiss with a friend… I think I’ll never be able to do this

8. It’s just a cultural difference

9. I never kiss my friends.. But it’s their culture anyway

10. In China, it’s common for two female stars to kiss during an awards ceremony

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