A combination of members that BoA wants if creating a unit as 4 members in SM





original post: theqoo

1. They should not do SuperM. They should do this.

2. Don’t do SuperM. Please do this.

3. It’s more than SuperM. These are charismatic members. These are my favorite idols of all generations.

4. Wow … I look forward to seeing it

5. Aren’t they all passionate?

6. That’s all my favorite members, daebak …

7. It’s a good choice from dancing to vocals

8. SM should do this instead of SuperM

9. This combination is crazy … Concert tickets will be sold out immediately.

10. Hurry up, why not?

11. SM has a lot of units but I can’t even think about that crazy combination.

12. I really expect this, SM please

13. Then you should prepare knee pads and line up to buy their goods

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