A foreign singer used late Jonghyun’s funeral picture without permission

On Twitter, fans demanded an apology from Oliver Tree

original post: theqoo

1. Looks like he’s doing it on purpose to get the attention of K-pop fans

2 .What????? Is he crazy?

3. If you look at the song, I think he’s a famous singer.. This shocked me even more

4. That’s not something someone should do as a human.. He’s trash..

5. Crazy… Is he still human??? Damned

6. No, what is this crazy ba$tard…?

7. I hate this crazy ba$tard so much

8. A ba$tard who uses other people’s deaths to make money, he should be ruined

9. He’s crazy. Is he still human? He’s just trash

10. I don’t know who Oliver Tree is, but I’m pretty sure he’s trash