A girl group who got shocked by Japanese artists


original post: theqoo

1. Ah…;; Protecting GFriend’s eyes… Poor thing…

2. Ah.. Seriously… Korean idols must be shocked when they go to Japan. There are so many comedians who come out wearing only underwear.

3. What’s wrong with GFriend out there….. They must be seeing something like that

4. I feel bad for the kids..

5. No but why did the agency send the kids to shows like this..??

6. Ah disgusting, I’m not a GFriend fan, but I feel bad for them

7. ;;; That’s why Japanese female idols want to be Korean idols…

8. Why did the agency send them to such a late-night broadcast? Just let them go to a normal talk show

9. Disgusting

10. No, what the hell was that guy wearing? This is too disgusting

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