A girl group who has divided opinions when it comes to choosing the visual member……..


original post: theqoo

1. For me it’s Sieun. She sings well, she’s so pretty. All the other kids are pretty, but she stands out to me the most

2. Yoon!! She’s like a doll

3. For me it’s J, but Seeun is so pretty too

4. My favorite member is Yoon, but I think it’s Isa…?

5. It’s Sumin or J. Sumin’s purple hair is so perfect

6. I think it’s J

7. Yoon.. It’s the face that girls will like.. In fact, the members are all so pretty

8. How did they gather such pretty girls?

9. Well, there are a lot of posts about them on theqoo these days..

10. The members are all pretty, but for me it’s J.. I was shocked to see the photos of her having long hair before debut, I want to see her with long hair soon

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