Characters see everywhere these days

A group is even more famous than BTS

Go to bookstores, bakeries, supermarkets, mall, clothing stores, etc…

BT21 appears everywhere these days

original post: theqoo

1. What is this? I think I saw it at a convenience store

2. BT21 is becoming more famous abroad

3. Is that the character of BTS? I think it’s even more popular than BTS.

4. Is that the character of BTS? It’s not very cute to my standards, but it’s very popular these days.

5. It even appears in Kakao Friends

6. If you know the process of BTS members creating it or the characters’ story, you will have feelings for BT21.

7. I see those characters in Naver and I use it a lot.

8. BT21 is a virus that is spreading worldwide

9. I don’t think BT21 is popular thanks to BTS. Many people like and buy them before they know BT21 are BTS characters.

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