A masterpiece created after Min Heejin left SM


original post: theqoo

1. Damn SBS

2. Why can’t they lose Min Heejin?

3. It’s better to mention and praise someone for creating a new concept instead of mentioning someone who left

4. I don’t know why you put Min Heejin in the title?

5. It’s director Jo Woo Cheol, a famous plagiarist with Aespa’s concept

6. I don’t know anything else… But looking at how people care about Min Heejin, looks like Min Heejin’s girl group will be a big hit…

7. I bet this post came out because of news of Sakura joining Big Hit.. People are saying that she will be joining Min Heejin’s girl group

8. The song and concept were good, but Wendy was injured and it was a pity

9. Why did you mention Min Heejin???

10. The fact that Min Heejin left SM and joined Big Hit was a big shock to SM fans, and it was like betrayal

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