Netizens claimed to have been bullied by Hyorin at school “I was harassed every day for 3 years”

A netizen claimed to have been bullied by Hyorin for 3 years

A posting titled ” Mi-tu, I’m getting really nervous ” was posted on an online community on the 25th. The writer, A, claimed that he attended the same middle school as Hyorin, a former member of Sistar, five years ago and was constantly beaten.

According to A, she was constantly bullied at school by Hyorin for three years from the first grade of middle school. “I was repeatedly robbed of my clothes and cash and was assaulted at an apartment playground for various reasons,” she recalled.

“The reason why Hyorin assaulted me was because my boyfriend had the same name as my boyfriend, ” she added.

“For three years, I have stayed incredibly well on my own not to commit suicide, ” she said.

A netizen claimed to have been bullied by Hyorin for 3 years

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1.[+553, -11] Don’t pass it as you did before. If it’s true, the victim must have been in a lot of trouble when watching her sing on the street, watching her on TV.

2. [+362, -11] Except for Bora, I have not been able to see their graduation photos since they debuted.

3. [+188, -8] If the author is in his 30s and tells the story at least 10 years ago. I don’t think there is any evidence that there are kids with 2g phones and those who have cell phones in those days, and if that’s true, she shouldn’t be in the entertainment industry.

4. [+132, -5] I’ve heard this a lot since her debut, But she did well, so I guess you’ve been patient. I don’t think it was normal to see how much pain the victims suffered at that young age.

5. [+34, -2] There have been rumors since her debut. Let’s be clear this time. Don’t cross it. The victim not only says “I am hurt by her”. There was also a comment saying that she was caught stealing from a stationery store. It doesn’t happen to anyone, and it’s hard to remember. If this is a lie, it will also hurt her image. Or just make sure it’s not right and I want you to identify it.

6. [+25, -1] But it’s been around since she debuted. I thought she and one of the other members were from Iljin.

7. [+24, -2] I think it’s because it’s been so long since there’s no evidence. She should be punished 100 times as much as the victim had.

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