“After renewing the contract, I realized” … ‘TMI NEWS’ A Pink Chorong expressed her thoughts from her heart

Apink members shed tears when expressing their feelings about group

The A pink members shared: “If there is no Chorong, then there will be no A Pink. Chorong himself connected A Pink‘s close friendship.”

Chorong said: “Honestly, I don’t seem to notice even after signing a new contract. If things don’t go smoothly, we won’t be here. But the members also like A Pink, so I very grateful for that.” She said, “I want to have a good stage with this name A Pink for a long time.”

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1.[+890, -234] A Pink is better than Black Pink.

2. [+626, -18] What do you think is A Pink’s best song? I think ‘NoNoNo’

3. [+405, -8] The members of A Pink are really good for each other. I’d like to meet you as a complete group for a long time.

4. [+253, -49] Chorong is good. Fighting.

5. [+163, -3] It would be great if they showed positive activities in the 2020s.

6. [+65, -11] First, these children when they are together, they seem to be committed to group-oriented activities, so they don’t have any more prominent individuals in the group. Second, When they perform solo activities, they focus entirely on the focus of their individual activities. And finally, the group’s song is very good.

7. [+42, -9] All renewals? It’s a wise choice. A Pink, fighting!

8. [+28, -0] That is the legend of the girls.

9. [+21, -2] No matter how many years passed, their song was still very good, a stable group. As a girl group, they are very famous and talented, and everyone has a good career and a stable guarantee. Apink is the group with the best songs.

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