A rookie idol girl group is being asked to change their colors because they resemble another singer’s official colors

Kep1er, a rookie girl group who debuted yesterday, announced their official colors

Jeong Sewoon’s fans are protesting that Kep1er’s colors overlap with Jeong Sewoon’s colors

original post: theqoo

1. There are a lot of idol groups but the colors are limited, don’t compete for colors

2. I don’t even know why the official color of idol groups exists in the first place

3. Just change it

4. Thanks to you, I got to know a group called Kep1er

5. That’s why I think it’s good that groups don’t have official colors

6. Well… Wasn’t this a controversial issue in the early 2000s?

7. There are limited colors in the world, but idols keep debuting… Hmm…

8. I’m really tired of fighting for colors

9. It’s funny when the official color is only for you, who gave you permission to use it?

10. Official colors are still important these days…?