A tweet revealed yesterday by a former Grammy.com editor about the racism endured by BTS

original post: theqoo

1. It’s trash

2. I’m not surprised

3. I don’t want BTS to go to US awards ceremonies in the future, I just want BTS to be happy with ARMYs at concerts in the US

4. It’s ironic that there are more good articles about BTS in the US than in the Korean media

5. I got goosebumps…

6. Grammy is just an awards ceremony for white people

7. I’m not asking the Korean media to praise BTS, but they should at least write articles about BTS’s achievements..

8. Disgusting

9. Agree.. No matter how the American media stigmatizes BTS and discourages good articles, there are still articles that are much better and more accurate than the domestic media

10. Even if I’m not a fan of BTS, I hope they get better when I see something like this

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