‘2019 AAA’ This time is Vietnam … Confirm held on November 26

"AAA 2019" confirms to take place in Vietnam

2019 Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam‘ will be held on November 26 at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam.

original post: theqoo

1. Vietnam??? Are you crazy?

2. What else is abroad?

3. Why don’t you do it in Korea?

4. Presenting a new model that has never been seen before and this awards ceremony will be held overseas … A strange awards ceremony

5. No, why do you want to go to another country?

6. But it’s not bad because it contributes to the spread of Kpop.

7. What are you doing there? I don’t understand.

8. Why do you want to go to Vietnam ??? I don’t understand

9. Why should a Korean singer go to another country and receive a prize? While it’s a Korean award ceremony? Only singers are tired.

10. Why is the Korean award ceremony always held abroad?

11. Why not do it in Korea?

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