Actor who is predicted to get Daesang at MBC Drama Awards after just 2 episodes

Nam Goong Min

The viewership ratings of episode 1 is 7.3%

The highest viewership ratings of MBC drama this year was 7.7%

original post: theqoo

1. Nam Goong Min’s acting skills are crazy

2. I agree

3. Honestly, I think MBC already knows that they’re going to give Daesang to Nam Goong Min

4. Looks like it’s confirmed, looks like Nam Goong Min’s name is already engraved on the trophy

5. If they don’t give Daesang to Nam Goong Min, it will be controversial

6. SBS Daesang in 2020, MBC Daesang in 2021, then KBS Daesang next year?

7. Nam Goong Min’s acting is so good, his eyes are so cool

8. His acting is so good…. especially his acting eyes

9. His acting is so good and the drama is good quality and funny

10. This year’s MBC Daesang winner is Nam Goong Min!!!!