‘Highway accident’ Actress Han Ji Sung … B.Dolls girl group -> Film ‘One Punch’

Actress Han Ji Seong passes away from car accident

Actress Han Ji Sung has passed away from a car accident.

According to the police, she turned on the hazard lights and stopped her car on the second lane of the three-lane expressway when her husband had to urgently use the restroom. A taxi on the third lane saw her husband come out of the car and quickly tried to change lanes, leading them to drive into Han Ji Seong, who was standing outside of her car. She fell near the first lane, and an SUV drove into her for the second time.

Han Ji Sung made her debut as part of girl group B.Dolls in 2010 and later pursued a career as an actress. She appeared in SBS dramas “Second to Last Love” and “Happy Sisters” and film “One Punch.”

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1.[+3025, -28] I think we need to do a good job on this case..

2. [+2517, -46] Something’s wrong. Her husband seems to be lying. Does this make any sense?

3. [+1307, -13] I’m sorry to hear about her death, but what’s wrong with the taxi driver and the suv driver? Her husband’s answer is a lot of mystery. Did they have a fight? Why didn’t she pull over to the second lane?

4. [+746, -24] I think there’s something about this. Let’s not let it go.

5. [+383, -15] May she rest in peace.

6. [+217, -2] I don’t know about her husband, but he should stop her at that moment.

7. [+177, -3] By the way, a man suddenly appears on the freeway, and even if he stops suddenly, it is wrong. Don’t turn an innocent person into a criminal.. I’m sure the taxi driver is struggling with life.

8. [+154, -2] How on earth can I not get into an accident? On the dark, early morning highway, on the second lane of the highway. Should a driver be an all-around superman who can avoid people coming down from the sky anyway?

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