Aespa Giselle who finally posted an apology on Twitter

original post: theqoo

1. No, but what about the lyrics?

2. I have a question, the original singer is black, right?

3. I think she should apologize like this… It’s a sensitive issue… But don’t blame yourself too much

4. From now on, black people’ songs will only be sung by black people

5. Why is she apologizing for this?

6. Well, I’m not a fan of Aespa, but I feel so sorry for Giselle

7. I don’t understand why she’s apologizing for this

8. I really don’t understand their culture. Please don’t release music in Asian countries

9. Giselle is so pitiful

10. If it’s a sensitive word, why did they put it in the song??

11. Giselle attended an international school in Japan, but please don’t think that she is fluent in English and has a good understanding of Western culture.. Please don’t use that as an excuse to criticize her

12. Seriously, what do black people say? Didn’t Southeast Asians do this on purpose?