Aespa members changed their hair color

Looks like they’ll make a comeback soon

original post: theqoo

1. They always experiment with NingNing.. Last time she had bangs

2. Winter and NingNing look better than last time

3. Karina looks prettier when she dyes her hair a light color

4. It’s frustrating every time I see Aespa, they’re rookies, but their hairstyles and makeup make me feel like they’re not rookies. The members’ looks and proportions are outstanding, but their hairstyles and makeup are disappointing

5. Red hair doesn’t suit NingNing, Winter is so pretty

6. I think NingNing looks the best with black hair

7. What’s wrong with their clothes? The kids are pretty, but what are Karina’s clothes?

8. Seriously, Giselle is so pretty these days

9. Giselle is much prettier because she has black hair

10. I’m not a fan of them, but why are there so many bad comments

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