Aespa’s stylist = Lee Hye Young

Actress Lee Hye Young’s name is listed as a style director and a part of the styling team along with speeker, a style directing agency housed under SM Entertainment

original post: theqoo

1. Lee Hye Young did well.. All Aespa’s outfits are amazing..

2. The outfits are short but they perfectly fit the concept ㅋㅋㅋ They look even better on stage

3. First of all, the Aespa kids have good proportions, so they can digest any outfit

4. She’s so talented.. The Aespa members are all pretty

5. Lee Hye Young has good fashion sense, I didn’t know she works at SM

6. Isn’t she a celebrity?? She’s amazing

7. The outfits are pretty. But I think they’re not suitable for choreography, and I get nervous..

8. Honestly, they don’t fit the concept

9. The outfits are pretty and the kids are pretty too

10. NingNing doesn’t match any outfit she wears….

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