Aespa’s teaser photos for the new single ‘Forever’





2021.02.05 6PM

original post: theqoo

1. Black hair makes Giselle look much prettier ㅋㄷㄱㄷㄱ

2. Looking at the photos, Winter looks like Kim Minjoo

3. Why does it remind me of BLACKPINK?…

4. Karina is f*cking pretty

5. The filter is bad but the kids are all pretty

6. As if Giselle and NingNing lost a lot of weightㄷㄷ

7. Only Karina is the one in the best outfit here. Giselle’s visuals are the best

8. SM runs out of money?

9. NingNing looks a bit like Jennie

10. I don’t really like the filter, but the kids are all so pretty