Ahn Jae Hyun updates his Instagram for the first time after his divorce news

Ahn Jae Hyun updates his Instagram for the first time after his divorce news

This is Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m very sorry for causing a stir with my personal matters. I loved Ku Hye Sun very much and married her while respecting her. Because both of us are public figures, I sincerely hoped that all of this would be settled quietly. So even when faced with the abrupt, unexpected announcement and release of information, I remained silent and tried to endure it quietly. However, getting rid of the context from before and after the situation and revealing only partial fragments has distorted the truth, which is hurting the people around me. After suffering the slander that I contacted other women while in a state of inebriation, I could not remain silent any longer, so I decided to write this message.

Although the past three years of our married life, which we began because we liked each other, were happy at times, it was also a time that was very taxing for me mentally. Although we made efforts to improve our relationship, it was not easy at all for us to close the distance between us. Finally, because we were unable to reconcile our differences, we agreed to separate, and so that she could live comfortably with her five pets, I ended up being the one to move out of our home. Afterwards, on July 30, at the end of continuous conversations [about the matter], Ku Hye Sun and I agreed to divorce.

I paid the full divorce settlement amount that Ku Hye Sun personally calculated and decided. In Ku Hye Sun’s statement [the breakdown of the amount of money she was requesting], she even included things like a daily charge for her share of the housework and the donation that she made to charity at the time of our marriage. I fully agreed to her demands. However, my reason for doing so was not because I was the one at fault for our marriage falling apart, but because I wanted to financially help my wife that I had loved. But a few days later, Ku Hye Sun claimed that the amount we had initially agreed upon was insufficient, and she requested ownership of the apartment in which we lived together.

After that, I notified our agency of the fact that we were divorcing, and on August 8, we met with our CEO, who attempted to talk us out of it and persuaded us to consider the timing. However, my feelings about the divorce did not change.

On the night of August 9, [Ku Hye Sun] lied to the security guard at the apartment building where I was living alone that she had lost her key, and after receiving a spare key, entered my apartment. She told me, ‘It’s not trespassing; I entered because I’m your wife,’ and she began going through my cell phone and making recordings. I was asleep at the time, and I was extremely shocked and frightened by her behavior.

While looking at my text messages on my cell phone, there was a message in which our CEO, after meeting with both of us, asked about one aspect of our stories that didn’t match up ([Ku Hye Sun] claimed that she hadn’t asked for our apartment, saying that she had no right to the ownership and that she had no reason to request it), and I responded. I did not say anything bad about her. That night, I had the thought that continuing our marriage any longer would only hurt both of us more, and I became even more certain about getting a divorce.

A few days later, [Ku Hye Sun] contacted me to say that she wanted a divorce immediately. She had hired a lawyer, and she sent me a divorce agreement and a press statement, and she told me to get a lawyer as well since she was planning on filing with the court on [August] 28.

Because she was making additional requests, I had to get a loan, and I had to sell my home, and I had no choice but to inform our agency of everything. This was not to involve our agency in our personal matters, but because, as an actor under the agency, I needed to let them know about what would be happening in the future.

After getting married, for the past one year and four months, I have been receiving psychiatric treatment and am currently taking antidepressants. During my married life, I did my utmost as a husband, and I have never done anything that I was ashamed of.

I saw [Ku Hye Sun’s] words that she wanted to remain married. After seeing her hurt other people by distorting what we agreed on together after our long conversations, and seeing her continuously distort the truth with her words, all I could think was that now, even more than before, I don’t think I can continue with this marriage.

I am deeply, deeply sorry to our agency, who has suffered damage because of our personal matters; to the “My Ugly Duckling” staff, who suffered damage on the day of their broadcast; and to the crew of my drama. I am ashamed, and I want nothing more than to apologize. And I feel sorry for my wife, who must be suffering emotionally as she goes about this kind of behavior. But it’s difficult for me to understand [these actions]. Since these things happened because I was unable to smoothly take care of my personal matters [in private], I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry.


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1. You must listen to both sides

2. This is why you have to listen to both sides.

3. Goo Hye Sun is strange when she suddenly uploads such photos on SNS.

4. Ahn Jae Hyun is a bodhisattva.

5. This is why we need to listen to both sides.

6. Goo Hye Sun, please deny it

7. This is more reliable because it’s written in detail from beginning to end.

8. I listened to both sides, but Ahn Jae Hyun seems more honest than Goo Hye Sun.

9. I’m a lawyer. To be honest, divorce lawsuits and divorce procedures are similar. You should not completely believe the words of the lawyer. Of course, Ahn Jae Hyun’s statement was also written by his lawyer.

10. After all, they are the ones who understand each other the most.

11. The situation, content and reasons are more specific than Goo Hye Sun’s article.

Ahn Jae Hyun “Health treatment for 1 year and 4 months after marriage with Goo Hye Sun .. My feelings about the divorce did not change

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1. [+9734, -615] ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think it’s written by Ahn Jae Hyun.

2. [+9126, -413] So, they’ve been having a bad relationship for a year and four months, and you’ve been taking psychotic drugs. And if that’s true, why give her all the money she asks when there’s no reason for that? And in such a serious situation, why did you take Goo Hye Sun to your agency in June? Is it because Ahn Jae Hyun is a good person? Are you in close contact with another woman while you are drunk?

3. [+6865, -400] There was no explanation for your contact with some women, no explanation for your gossip with agency representatives, just saying you are not fair. Obviously you are trying to reverse public opinion by using provocative language such as spirit, trespassing and so much more. If you’d explained the above, it would’ve been plausible, but for now, I can only tell you that I’m supporting Goo Hye Sun.

4. [+2625, -139] I feel like he’s trying to keep his relationship with some women by saying he’s depressed. It’s hard to believe~~