‘Knowing Bros’ Akdong Musician x Jeon Somi, comeback after a long time “Like fish meet water”

Akdong Musician and Jeon Somi on Knowing Bros

original post: naver

1.[+1604, -30] AKMU is an innate musical genius … I watched a quality song on the spot ㄷㄷㄷㄷ I look forward to Jeon Somi’s return.

2. [+730, -20] Please put that song in your comeback album…

3. [+452, -47] Somi, you’ve had a lot of trouble. Now let’s go on the flower path.

4. [+224, -17] It’s so fun~ Somi Akmu, let’s go on the flower path~

5. [+198, -16] I can’t wait to hear the music of Akdong. It’s addictive.

6. [+115, -5] Chanhyuk is alive.

7. [+108, -20] It’s been 2 years since Somi came out, and she’s really tired of taking care of herself. I was surprised because it’s the last twist.

8. [+83, -3] I like the song AKMU sang by Kang Ho Dong’s letter, and I like chords. I just like it all.

9. [+82, -7] Somi’s sense of entertainment still remains. Chanhyuk is also very funny, I hope to see them often.

10. [+84, -17] Congratulations Somi will make her solo debut on June 13 and just walk on the flower path.