‘AKMU’ Lee Chan Hyuk bought a 4.7 billion won building in Hongdae

He’s been revealed to have bought a building in Seoul’s Mapo district, within the Hongdae area. Chanhyuk bought the building for 4,750,000,000 KRW, and it currently is home to various famous cafes and bars.

The building has a total area of 313.1 square meters, with 1 floor underground and 4 above ground.

original post: theqoo

1. Wow, young & rich

2. Wow, he’s actually made a lot of royalties, Chan Hyuk, keep singing a lot in the future..

3. I’m not jealous of Chanhyuk, just compose good songs and live well….

4. I envy him..

5. Chanhyuk makes money on his own terms, but more surprisingly, he was only born in 1996

6. If it’s about Chanhyuk… I still wouldn’t be surprised if he had 3 buildings

7. Every time I listen to his songs, I just think he’s a genius

8. No, but how do reporters know this personal information???? I’m curious

9. Chanhyuk is a genius

10. I want to be AKMU when I was born again

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