AKMU’s Suhyun “Renewing the contract with YG? The label supported me fully, and I could express myself without any regrets”

In an interview for her solo single “Alien”, Suhyun talked about the new track, saying, “After thinking about how I want to release a solo song, I went through production with a lot of thought. During that time, countless genres and songs passed by. I like music in many ways, and there were many things I wanted to do. After coming across ‘Alien’, I was sure I could have a lot of fun.”

On the approaching expiration of her exclusive contract, the AKMU member talked about renewing with YGE. She expressed, “The process of working on ‘Alien’ went fast. I tried a lot of things not only musically, but visually as well. The label supported me fully, and I could express myself without any regrets. I’m making my first steps as a solo artist, and I plan to show myself as solo artist Suhyun when I’m solo and as a member of AKMU in different ways musically and image wise. As I said earlier this year, there are new songs waiting to be released. Please look forward to it.”

As for her future goals, Suhyun said, “I can’t say for sure what my next solo promotions will be like because I change my mind every day in terms of what I want to do. My goal is to present a solo song or album with my thoughts and colors that I want to express. Also, we’ll continue to greet you as AKMU, so please look forward to it!” cr

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1. YG supports AKMU fully, so I want her to renew her contract

2. AKMU is good, but I don’t like YG, there is no reason for her to leave YG, but I still hope she leaves YG and go to better agency

3. To be honest, it seems that few companies can support AKMU as much as YG

4. I want her to leave YG, I know YG supports her well, but the image of the company is too bad…

5. Just do what AKMU wants to do~ ~ ~ ♡

6. Whether AKMU renews their contract with YG or moves to another agency, they will do well

7. Honestly, I don’t like YG, but looking at BLACKPINK, I hope she renews her contract….

8. I don’t want to spend even 1 won on YG, so I hope she leaves YG

9. I don’t think she will renew her contract

10. Well, BLACKPINK is doing well, and anyway Yang Hyun Suk will eat well and live well…

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