“Manipulating rankings of ‘Produce 101 season 2’ … A Wanna One member has been replaced”

All members of X1 And IZ*ONE were decided before finale voting + Ranking of a Wanna One member also manipulated

A report by the news outlet Hankook Ilbo has outlined further allegations about the manipulation of “Produce 101.”

The December 5 report states that the rankings of all members of IZ*ONE and X1 were rigged. In addition, one member of Wanna One reportedly made the final lineup due to ranking manipulation.

The information comes from the written indictment about the “Produce 101” series production team and entertainment agency executives, which assembly person Ha Tae Kyung received from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

According to the written indictment, people including chief producer Kim Yong Bum and producing director Ahn Joon Young are under suspicion of already deciding the lineups of IZ*ONE and X1, regardless of viewer votes. Ahn Joon Young is also under suspicion of manipulating the number of votes of one member of Wanna One so that he would debut.

It’s reportedly said in the written indictment that on July 17 of this year (two days before the “Produce X 101” finale), three people including Kim Yong Bum and Ahn Joon Young met in a CJ ENM meeting room to decide the 11 trainees they wanted to debut and determine their rankings. It’s described by the Hankook Ilbo report that this was done because they had seen that in the halfway results of the pre-finale online voting, there were trainees who had already debuted in other idol groups in the Top 11 ranking, and they wanted to exclude them.

It’s also reported that the investigation revealed that the May online votes and on-site votes were manipulated so that one trainee who would have made it in the first round ceremony was actually eliminated, and another trainee was selected instead. In the third round that determined the Top 20, it’s said that they used the same method to swap two people.

The members of IZ*ONE were also reportedly decided before viewers even voted. Kim Yong Bum and Ahn Joon Young decided on the 12 members and their rankings before the voting in the August 2018 live finale. As with “Produce X 101,” they saw that the pre-finale online votes included trainees they did not want in the Top 12, and so they determined the lineup while excluding those trainees.

It’s reported that one member of Wanna One was also chosen because of the manipulation of the number of votes. It’s described that Ahn Joon Young switched the rankings of two trainees in the June 2017 live finale of “Produce 101 Season 2.” A trainee who was in the Top 11 did not make the debut lineup, and instead a trainee who was outside of the Top 11 became a member of Wanna One.

In addition, Ahn Joon Young reportedly switched the rankings of two trainees in the May 2017 first round of “Produce 101 Season 2” that decided the Top 60, thereby eliminating a trainee who should have continued in the competition and boosting someone else.

He also reportedly did the same in the February 2016 first round of “Produce 101,” eliminating two trainees who should have continued and increasing the rankings of two other contestants.

The collusion between the production team and executives at entertainment agencies was also revealed in the investigation. From January 2018 to July 2019, Ahn Joon Young received drinking entertainment services 47 times in total, amounting to 46.83 million won (approximately $39,340), paid for by five executives from four entertainment agencies. The services were paid for in exchange for arranging appearances on “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101” and editing favorably.

Hankook Ilbo reports that CJ ENM made a profit of 124.65 million won (approximately $104,710) through text message votes from “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101.” cr

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1. [+641, -22] I don’t think Samuel was eliminated for another member, I think it was Kim Jong Hyun

2. [+237, -34] Isn’t it obvious? There’s that one member that everyone thought was weird when he made it in.

3. [+213, -78] Do you guys really believe it’s just one member? He’s only saying it’s one now but I bet once investigations look into it, they’ll find at least 2 members^^ At the start of all this, he said only seasons 3 and 4 were rigged but it ended up being all four seasons~

4. [+155, -20] I was so surprised when Kim Jong Hyun and Samuel were eliminated. At least Jong Hyun got to work with NU’EST members but I wonder how hard Samuel took it while working all by himself.

5. [+185, -89] I feel so bad for Samuel

6. [+82, -5] The victims who were abandoned by Ahn Joon Young = Kim Jong Hyun, Ahn Hyung Seob, Kim Samuel..

7. [+115, -60] Bae Jin Young or Yoon Ji Sung. I think there is one of them.

All members of X1 And IZ*ONE were decided before finale voting + Ranking of a Wanna One member also manipulated

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1. [+3252, -631] The Produce groups are all so successful that the brand value is so great that PDs and agencies are making more and more money and they do everything they can… So all the trainees ended up as victims. That’s too bad.

2. [+1369, -81] I hope all adults who take advantage of the trainees will be punished, and all the victims will be compensated as soon as possible.

3. [+1208, -59] Who’s that member of Wanna One?… I’m sure he made billions of won.

4. [+1208, -59] I want Mnet and CJ to be responsible for the damages of trainees and singers.

5. [+449, -42] So it was made because of PD’s greed. All the trainees and the kids who made their debut, they played on them. Mnet must reasonably compensate all the victims.

6. [+339, -17] After all, the sweat and dreams of the trainees were trampled on by the crew and their agencies. I feel very sorry.

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