All songs distributed by Kakao M have been removed from Spotify globally

original post: theqoo

1. Oh my God; I feel bad for singers when their songs are removed from Spotify ㅠㅠ

2. So the bottom line is, Kakao M who owns Melon, refused to stream their songs on Spotify Korea, so Spotify removed all Kakao M’s songs on their platform globally?

3. Isn’t Spotify the No. 1 music app in the US? I feel bad for singers

4. Spotify’s retaliation started…

5. It would be bad if the singers weren’t using Spotify in this era..

6. That’s why I hate Kakao M

7. Kakao M is ruining the K-pop industry just to make money, idiot

8. Foreign fans use Spotify a lot, poor singers…

9. Kakao M, if you do this, all the singers will leaveㅋㅋ

10. Kakao M will give me my IU songs back

Kakao M “We have been notified of the expiration of the contract, we have asked to renew the contract with Spotify overseas”

Kakao M explained why all the songs distributed through them were made unavailable through Spotify.

The company explained, “KakaoM has had an agreement with Spotify on overseas music distribution. We are currently negotiating our contract with them for Korea, but we were notified of our contract ending for everywhere else on February 28th. We asked to renew the contract. However, Spotify said that the Korean and overseas contract has to be negotiated simultaneously, so the overseas service is currently disabled. We are still talking about distributions.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Kakao M doesn’t want to sign Korean contract but wants to keep the contract overseas? That’s a miracle

2. Kakao M is trying to keep the rice bowl in Korea, but it’s like this..

3. Anyway, in Korea, Spotify is expensive and unfamiliar, so adding a few songs won’t even threaten you that much

4. Please resolve it quickly

5. They have what they want, but they hate what others want

6. Kakao M is selfish

7. In Korea, Kakao M doesn’t want Spotify to enter the market, but overseas, Kakao M wants to include their songs on Spotify. They are greedy

8. Of course, all companies are selfish

9. Melon hasn’t improved sound quality for several years… The difference in sound quality is too big