Among the outfits of BLACKPINK, the outfits are legendary that can’t be denied

‘Kill This Love’ outfits

‘As If It’s Your Last’ outfits

‘Coachella’ outfits

‘How You Like That’ Hanbok outfits

original post: theqoo

1. BLACKPINK’s outfits are all legendary girl group outfits

2. Everything is pretty, but the Coachella outfits are a big hit

3. The Hanbok outfits are amazing.. Every time I see it, it’s a masterpiece

4. All outfits are pretty, but the Kill This Love outfits are too unique

5. BlACKPINK’s outfits are always beautiful

6. BlACKPINK outfits are the best, but the Kill This Love and Coachella outfits are really cool

7. I agree

8. Their coordi is good, but the kids are good too, and they can do everything well no matter what they wear

9. When it comes to outfits, BLACKPINK is legendary

10. BlACKPINK’s outfits are all pretty, but Coachella’s outfits are perfect

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