An ITZY song that I seriously wonder if it should be changed to the title track (feat. SWF Lachica)

The chorus is addictive and the choreography is choreographed by Lachica, so it will get a lot of positive reactions

original post: theqoo

1. I just watched it and I prefer this song

2. The MV is good and the choreography is impressive, but this song doesn’t feel like a title track, the song doesn’t have any memorable parts

3. This song is good, but it doesn’t match the title song better than LOCO

4. It’s so bland, I prefer LOCO

5. I think LOCO is better

6. This song has no impact. I think there’s a reason why JYP chose this song as a b-side track..

7. ITZY seems to fit this concept so well

8. I like this song more than LOCO

9. No.. This song doesn’t have any impact at all. If they had released this song as the title track, they would have received a lot of negative reactions

10. I think the song is addictive, but the choreography is too boring to dance on stage