GD’s military discharge “YG’s earnings uncertainties likely to be eliminated … Possibility of contract renewal”

Analysts predict YG's future outlook when GD returns

YG shares closed at 26,400 won Tuesday, a 6.02% increase from the previous trading day.

Lee Ki Hoon, a researcher from Hana Financial stated, “For the last five years, BIGBANG’s dome tour revenues accounted for 40-50% of YG’s revenues. If BIGBANG is able to carry out a Japan Dome tour at the same level, they’ll be able to achieve more than 30 billion won in annual operating profit.

The researcher also predicted that 4Q earnings are expected to recover somewhat due to activities by Akdong Musician, WINNER, and BLACKPINK.

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1. [+76, -4] GD and Taeyang have been friends since they were kids. I hope they can stay together and keep making music.

2. [+49, -2] GD’s gonna be better off starting his own agency

3. [+19, -5] I believe in GD’s decision. If he decides to stay then I support his decision

4. [+21, -8] I’ll always support GD

5. [+8, -2] I don’t think so. Not even AKMU, WINNER, iKON or GD

6. [+6, -0] He hasn’t even been discharged from the military yet

7. [+3, -1] GD’s gonna start with his own agency. I don’t think he will renew his contract with YG anymore.

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