Han Seo Hee’s lawyer Bang Jung Hyun “Another member of YG’s boy group tried to hide drug status …”

Another member of YG boy group related to BI's drug scandal

In addition to the former member of iKON rapper B.I, there is also an artist of YG Entertainment related to drug suspicion.

The lawyer said: “There is a male group and one of the members tried to cover up the case by acting as a mediator between YG and Han Seo Hee in this lawsuit.”

YG boy group right now

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1.It was a real drug store ….

2. So that’s because of the friendship between him and B.I.

3. There is no normal boy group in YG

4. Have? Once again?

5. Other boy groups??????????????

6. When this happens, focus on YG.

7. A stupid pharmacy

8. iKON and BIGBANG are known and there are only two groups if we say other boy groups.

9. Yang Hyun Suk has enough reasons to test drugs every two months.

10. Why not? I’m not surprised.

11. Oh, this mouse is too dirty;;;;;;

12. Drug master.

13. And this is not an entertainment agency. It is like a drug lair.

14. Who next ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

15. They were connected to each other.

16. Is it really crazy or not? The children came out without an end

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