Anyone can tell from Jung Jaehyun’s face that he was losing it

The members were all reading comments on Vlive’s comment window in front of them

And he kept looking straight ahead with a distracted face, he’s losing it.

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1. [+871, -79] Am I normal for thinking this was worth it?

2. [+729, -10] He should be grateful he could read all the comments, if he could only read Korean comments, I don’t think he will have any sanity leftㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+615, -9] Seriously, I wish he takes this opportunity to realize he made a mistake. The 4 of them include Jaehyun. Please.

4. [+391, -2] But I feel like the comments are quite gentle and inoffensive

5. [+312, -2] But this was way more peaceful than I thought because all those I-roaches were sending hearts and going around with their hashtags

6. [+302, -0] But I seriously don’t think this will affect Jaehyun… He was the MC for Inkigayo and went to drink, his mentality is strong….

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