AOA’s Jimin was attacked by malicious comments … Give an SOS signal

AOA's Jimin gave an SOS signal after getting malicious comments

“Hug me”

In ‘DoReMi Market’ yesterday, The MCs said that Hyeri did a voice imitation of Jimin for Bingle Bangle a lot of times before, and then asked if the two were close and Jimin said that they weren’t close since she isn’t promoting much nowadays so she’s sad. She then told everyone to not forget about Bingle Bangle.

But the journalist wrote the article’s title in a completely different direction, “AOA’s Jimin ‘Hyeri who’s not close to me, I’m curious about why she wanted to imitate my voice.'”

original post: theqoo

1. It’s ridiculous that reporters wrote provocative headlines to create hate, then people just read it and bite like hyenas.

2. Jimin, don’t mind the malicious comments. You’re doing well. I know you always work hard. I’m cheering for you.

3. I was too scared to read celebrity articles these days ㅠㅠ Journalists always write provocative headlines to create hate, so please read the article carefully before leaving your comment ㅠㅠ

4. Jimin, you’re so precious, you shine, I love you

5. It’s like the main purpose of journalists is to create controversy. Why do people leave malicious comments just from reading the title?

6. People leave malicious comments because of the article’s title. 80% of the hate that celebrities get is from articles like these by reporters.

7. The show was so funny and they were so cute… These journalists are the issue here.

8. Are journalists crazy? They write provocative headlines like this just to make money. That’s why they get called trash-journalists.

9. Journalists threw bait and people who haven’t watch the broadcast will think that they know everything and rushed to bite like hyenas. Really pathetic.

10. Journalists throw scapegoat, netizens run like hyenas.

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