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“Hello, this is Park Chorong. I apologize for the fact that I am greeting you regarding an unfortunate matter.

First, before I explain recent events, I apologize for the fact that I have given people cause for concern in regards to the photos of my drinking when I was a minor. I have hurt everyone who has been supporting me through my immature and foolish wrongdoings from when I was young. There is no room for excuses, and I sincerely apologize.

In regards to the matter that recently became known [to the public], it began at the end of February and has been continuing for about a month. During that time, I made a lot of effort to try to communicate amicably, but it did not end up working out that way, which I find very unfortunate. I read the reports and interviews related to me that were published yesterday.

Although things have escalated to this point because of a misunderstanding between us, I feel even more tortured because I still have memories of being friends [with that person] starting from elementary school all the way to high school, of our playing together and spending time together, and so I feel awful to the point where I can’t express it. But I want to repeat once again that in regards to the untruths that have been spread, I am completely innocent up until the end.

I never, at any point, slapped Ms. Kim’s face like she claimed, took off her clothing, or committed violence against her. In regards to this matter, I will do my utmost to completely prove my innocence through the testimony of those who were present at the time and transcripts of my phone call(s) with Ms. Kim.

Finally, I have terribly wounded all the fans who have cheered me on and supported me for the 10 years since my debut. I was afraid that due to this incident, you might feel as though my sincere words and actions up until this point were insincere, and I was also scared of disappointing the fans who have supported and believed in me.

I feel nothing but apologetic to my fellow Apink members, our fans, our agency staff, and all of the many people who have helped me. To all of our fans and the Apink members, I ask for forgiveness for having to convey this kind of news on our 10th anniversary, and I bow my head in sincere apology.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Wow, how did you hide underage drinking for 10 years?

2. Seriously… I hope the truth will be revealed soon… I don’t know what the truth is, but I hope anything will be revealed as soon as possible

3. Staying neutral

4. Looking at Seo Soojin’s statement, I can’t believe the celebrity statements anymore

5. Thank you for the post, Chorong, I’ll be waiting as a fan for 10 years

6. The apology letter was well and neatly written, I will wait

7. She has an innocent image, right?? Oh my God

8. It’s shocking that the girl who has been underage drinking at the bar is the leader of a girl group with an innocent image for 10 years…

9. I hope the recording will be released

10. I don’t think all the words and actions she has done since her debut until now are all pretends. I will wait for the truth

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